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    I work with energies. Light and strength follows darknes and rough seas. Dignity and right sence of proportion is in the grace. My work provides for presence and dedication.


    Sometimes, I fly both in my dreams and mind, sometimes I pickle, sometimes I saw, finding myself buried in soil. Both leaves me with peace of heart and a feeling of freedom.


    Once I abused my many skills and abilities trying to fit in. As long as I could avoid speaking frankly about my true powers, I really trived by facilitating the lives of others.


    BEFORE I most of all wished to disappear. Or at least to be left in peace.

    BEFORE I desperately offered my manifold and classical academic skills to serve.

    BEFORE belonging partly in the heaven, partly on earth was weired.



    NOW I have found peace.

    NOW I shine my light clearly.

    NOW I speak frankly of my passion of supporting others to be as frank.

    NOW every day is a new possibility to LIVE AND LET LIVE

    NOW the spiritual is mainstream.




    The gifts, I brought to this Planet Earth met a time and a language where ‘strange’ was the mildest predicate, ‘too much’ the typical.

    It became too much for me too when I not only felt chill, warmth and light so intense, but constantly met the colors, thoughts, energies and intentions of others and had to wear gloves all year. Then I asked for a closure.


    Slowly, as I realized more and became stronger inside I started taking on my connection to heaven, as well as my task on earth.


    I cried of joy when I passed my coaching exams in 2005. And I felt like finally coming home when I finished my education as spiritual therapist early 2012.


    NOW a mixture of the two plus my intuition and psychic abilities – clear feeling, clear sight, clear hearing – are basics at work.