Vil du holdes opdateret om stjernevejen?


    Live and let live. Strengthen your self and rejoice



    The importance of being who you are


    What does it mean when we nonchalantly advise each other “Just be yourself”? How come it is so important? And so difficult?


    Since the dawn of mankind we have copied our own species to fit in. Our survival depend on it.

    At the same time we hear longings and callings from within. Our powers, feelings and dreams reach out for us. They crumble or mature to unfold.

    We all live in a cross road of our inner and outer life. That is where my speach take of.



    The Path of the Hero in Daily Life


    Joseph Campbell’s scientific work on heroes in mythology offers extensive wisdom and valuable lessons that apply to contemporary society.


    The core of our ancient hero-myths is self development in times of challenge. The gift for us today is severe inspiration. This talk is used to reshape existing leadership and self management thought patterns and to encourage brave actions, renewed strengths and decision making.



    Everybody’s got a story to tell


    An interactive evening or workshop, where we focus on true stories and the listening possibilities surrounding it.


    The basis for this work is the Art of Hosting-tradition.




    • You are the real thing = what you see is what you get. You are everything that you do. ( because you cannot let things fester)
    • 100% honest
    • You get very quickly to the essence of people you meet.


    Time and time again I have witnessed you guiding a group of people around a difficult process and with your professional coaching skills, created an open and honest dialogue to find the ultimate solution which the whole team accepts. You have a positive and obliging nature (and your humour and laughter the whole time) and a personal and confident charisma that people around you feel trust in.


    Kirsten Ørgaard, Coordinator in Leadership Development at Novo Nordisk A/S 


    In the context of our project Kick Off, Siri held a inspiring, relevant and thought-provoking speech about motivation and the joy of working together, which we have used as a common reference and clue throughout the our project both internally and externally. Thank you.”


    Lars Romerdahl, Project manager for implementing surgery planning in Region Hovedstaden