Vil du holdes opdateret om stjernevejen?


    In a slightly deeper state of consciousness I guide you to questions you pose to your self



    You will experience a safe albeit revealing journey where you gain grace, clarity, soul support, cleansing and healing.


    The answers you speak will either be recorded or I write them down for you. You get in a direct contact with the most profound place within yourself, where love is nourished and grows. You will never get more insight than you are ready to face.


    Treatment takes place in the sanctity and confidentiality at Inner Leaders, or if you are not able to move I come to you if geographically possible.


    “Siri is a competent therapist, who meets you with empathy, presence, attention and compassion. During the theraphy, Siri gives a direct feedback and masters to structure the session so I feel everything of importance is included. Siri has a huge toolbox and uses it both lovingly and constructively. Siri is very skilled at sensing you as a person … She has a precise and beautiful way of expressing herself. .. I give my best recommendation to Siri as therapist ☺”


    Gitte Schelde, client