Vil du holdes opdateret om stjernevejen?

     THE STAR PATH is an opportunity to work consciously on strengthening your intuition, backbone and heart


    THE STAR PATH is an opportunity to work with yourself, gain more consciousness and get familiar with your intuition, your commitment and your own clear voice. 


    THE STAR PATH is based on the insight that each person’s values and intuition is the foundation for daily life. Having a well developed relationship with ourselves is alfa and omega for flow and true success.


    THE STAR PATH provides collaboration between heart and brain. Again and again, you come back and ask yourself deep and simple questions in four vital areas. The answers will strengthen your mind and renew your sense of self. The balance, weight, tranquility and freedom you gain will make you leave THE STAR PATH one level higher and one level deeper shining from inside out. Hence THE STAR PATH.

    • Module 1: CONSCIOUSNESS I - life here and now
    • Module 2: VALUES - the ones you have and those you want
    • Module 3: CONTRIBUTIONS - privately and professionally
    • Module 4: COMMUNICATION - tools and exercises to improvement
    • Module 5: INTUITION - unbreakable contact with your deepest voice
    • Module 6: CONSCIOUSNESS II – stepping into character

    THE STAR PATH is basically about raising your consciousness and opening your heart towards your self, so that you are ready to live a life of complete consistency.


    Introduction to the manyfold field of consciousness, to the breathing and visualisation-method of THE STAR PATH and to relevant present insights will meet you.


    Conscious work with values allows you to stay in constant touch with what’s important to you.


    Your value work will support your presence, your commitment and make clear to you why you repeat, reject, attract, long for or leave things/peoples/places and habits and how you can use your consciousness about it in a life supportive way.


    Values (can) change throughout life.


    You benefit from this module you when you are challenged, facing several possible paths, or just need to consolidate what you already have or do.


    Your contributions attract reactions and thereby provide immediate feedback on your conscious work on THE STAR PATH.


    This module opens the door to communicative awareness and offers facilitating tools.


    Universal , eternal, beneficial and well-proven.


    A common form of modern hubris is to underestimate our intuition. To become best mates and stay in constant touch with your intuition means lifelong and life-saving inner friendship.


    Heart and backbone strengthened and included.


    Genuine responsiveness, attention, presence and courage to lean into life comes from standing by the whole package ‘myself’.


    The last module of THE STAR PATH challenge you to step into character – and displays at the same time that you are already well underway.

    Following THE STAR PATH is training your consciousness.

    Following THE STAR PATH strengthens your intuition for you to navigate more safe and sound.

    Following THE STAR PATH supports your confidence in trusting your innermost voice.

    Following THE STAR PATH provides you training in nurishing the flame that lives deep inside you whether you recognize it or not right now.

    And furthermore THE STAR PATH gives you tools to communicate clearly and to work with backbone and heart.


    Working with the fields of THE STAR PATH raise your awareness and intuition which are the most important guides you have.


    Each module contains both Introduction to the field, Guided Meditative Exercises and written Sheets of Consciousness for you to fill out.


    It is your life. No matter how brillantly some things work for others, only you know what is right for you.
    THE STAR PATH as concept cannot solve huge, old traumas. But it can provide you courage, strength and inspiration to confidently following your specific path and shining that special light, that you alone shine on our common Planet Earth.


    Welcome to life long access to THE STAR PATH.